How To Win A Woman’s Heart

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Published: 27th June 2012
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Slow And Steady Wins The Race
It’s important that you approach the girl you’re interested in slowly, especially if she doesn’t know you or doesn’t know you well. Since most women are the lack of safety. A very strong come on in the beginning isn’t going to work well for you. What you don’t want to do is come off as a creep, because then you could very well be scaring her off for good!
Understand that for a really strong connection to build, it has to start somewhere. It takes time for attraction to build, and if you ever plan on wanting to be in a relationship with this person, you want to make sure your taking the time to build a strong foundation in the beginning. Don’t be afraid to take it slow and let the attraction build naturally. Make sure you get to know her well, and make sure she at least knows that you exist!

Don’t Lose Sight Of Your Own Passions, Goals And Interests
A lot of times what will happen when a guy becomes interested in a girl is he will begin to become obsessed with her. Thoughts of her will end up taking over his mind, and everything he does will somehow be related to her, what she’s doing or where she is. If you want to have any shot with the girl you’re pining over, you have to forget that completely!

Make sure you still have your own goals and passions. Don’t lose yourself when trying to get a girl! That almost never, ever works. She’s not going to be attracted to you if you’re completely obsessed with her. Having your own passions and goals in life (and participating in them actively) is actually the best thing you can do to make her notice you. Concentrate on living your life to the fullest and taking part in things that make you happy. If you’re happy all the time, she’s going to start taking an interest in you. If you’re fun to be around, you’ll really start to attract women!
Get To Know Each Other
In the beginning stages, it’s important for you and the lady you’re interested in to start getting to know each other. You may think you know all about her and you’re madly in love with her, but the truth is, until you’ve really spent some time with someone and have gotten to know them well, it’s really hard to tell if those feelings are genuine. Our brains are excellent at filling in the gaps when it comes to having a crush on someone, so we walk away thinking they’re the love of our lives when in reality, we don’t know them very well at all.

Search for things you and the girl you like have in common. Find out if she even likes you! You cannot force a woman to love you – if you don’t have anything in common or if she doesn’t even really like you “that way,” you can’t force a relationship to come out of it. However, you can “win” a lady’s love if the spark is already there by playing your cards right!

Invest In Yourself
Take some time to make yourself more attractive to women overall. You’re not going to get anyone if you look and feel like a bum! Exercise, eat healthy and nutritious meals and take part in activities that give you confidence and self-worth. Being more confident in general about yourself will automatically make you more attractive to women (including the girl you like). If you don’t love yourself and feel good about yourself first, no one else will either! Also, you ensure that by becoming more attractive in general, you’re leaving the door open for other women – who may be better for you.

The Less You Need Her, The More She Will Like You
You don’t want to be that needy, clingy guy that needs to be around her, be talking to her or be thinking about her to be happy. If you make her your sole source of happiness, she will run for the hills as fast as she can! No girl wants to be the “be all and end all” for a guy. So make a point to “need” her less. This goes back to not losing yourself for a girl and making sure that you still have activities and things that you’re passionate about and enjoy doing. Make time for your guy friends – go out to the sports bar and watch the game with your buddies, or do something else that doesn’t involve her. This will make you way more attractive to her – and it will give her room to chase you a little bit!

Respect That She Can Decide Who She Loves On Her Own. Give her some space. Let her chase you a little – if she feels smothered, she’s going to kick you to the curb in short order. If you’ve done everything you possibly can to win her love and she still doesn’t love you, you’re going to have to recognize when it’s time to move on. If you keep pushing forward when she’s pulling back, you’re going to make yourself out to seem like a stalker! (And you can forget a possible relationship with one of her hot friends if you seem like a weirdo who won’t let go).

She can decide who she wants to love and who she doesn’t all by herself – you cannot force a girl to love you! If this happens to you, concede defeat gracefully and with dignity. Move on, continue improving yourself and doing things that make you happy, and the right one will come along soon enough.

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